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Welcome to Olatienda – the go-to site of power moms!

Who are we? Olatienda is conceived out of the desire to address the needs of power moms. Having to juggle between work, taking care of the children as well as the households, moms just wish someone is there to give them an extra hand. We, at Olatienda, understand your needs and come to occupy a premium role in providing that extra hand by committing to have an impressively diverse array of products to cater the needs of power moms like you.  

Using an external and safe provider, which takes care of the transactions through the latest encryption technology, we make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. In any case, our customer service is always at your disposal: making clients satisfied with our service is what make us proud.  For any questions or issues, our team will jump in and take care of it.

We also know how stressful it is to shop online. Here at Olatienda, we wanted to offer you the best shopping experience. We offer quality in variety and affordability in perfection. Our pricing system has been designed to get our power moms a whole lot for less, thus making us one of the most affordable online retailers around. Our market research team make sure that the products we offer have good online product reviews, recommended by other moms and, most importantly, recommended by experts. We also want our products to give you the feeling that indeed Life is Simple.

This is who we are.

Browse around and take your time: you will find what you are you were looking for.